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Key Features of Hotels Software
Hotels, motels and private resort locations must be up to speed of technology to be on the cutting edge of the hotel industry. Hotels that have the latest in computer technology are able to perform more successfully. The following information is a listing of hotel technology used in the 21 century.

The modules and key features of Hotel Software Systems are Multi-Module Systems (MMS), Select Module Systems (SMS) and Basic Reservation Systems (BRS).

Multi-Module Systems is a software solution is available to three to five-star-rated hotels or resorts. This software delivers a thorough software solution with hotels that have 100 rooms or more.

Select Module Systems is geared towards single property reservation. Basic Reservation Systems is software that provides a more basic reservation-processing unit for motels and hotels.

Imagine a major hotel chain without the use of top of the line hotel software. Top chain hotels and private resorts use state of the art equipment, so that they can cater to their customers’ desires and demands. They install their hotel reservation software onto the following computer hardware: IBM, Sony and Hewlett Packard, which are all state of the art computer hardware.
When new hotel properties are built, amenities and location are on the priority list. Studies show that IT facilitated hotels will saturate the market by 2009. Property owners realize the value of having a sophisticated operating system within their hotels. Hotel reservation software systems are not only used for reservations, but are used for employee records as well as hotel security monitoring.

The features of hotel software will depend on the type of software module. The most common module used by hotels is a property management system (PMS), which will have some or all of the following integrated software: hotel management (front desk, back office, spa/golf/club management), reservation/billing, hospitality/sales and catering, POS (point of sale), Internet booking engine, and hotel accounting.

Reservation software features include group and individual bookings, check-in/check-out, rate management, and room management/availability. Multi-unit hotel properties will require a central reservation system (CRS), which can handle reservations from a central system for all properties. An Internet booking engine will allow real-time reservations to be made from web based sites.

Hotel management software has front desk and back office management features. Front desk features include daily ledger, night audit, guest folios/guest history, guest billing/accounting, housekeeping, and credit card billing. Back office features manage payroll, accounts payable, general inventory, general ledger and personnel/human resources.

Hotel hospitality/sales and catering software features are designed for food and beverage and event management and provides for the efficient operation of restaurant, lounge/bar, room service and kitchen. Hotel catering software can also track sales and analyze employee productivity and track inventory. Linked to the hospitality/sales and catering software is a POS module which records food and beverage, spa/golf/club charges and posts to the guest folio/ledger for one, comprehensive itemized billing.

Hotel accounting software features will have general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, personnel, and payroll. Purchasing/receiving, inventory recording and reporting functions.

Hotel software features can be viewed on software manufacturers’ websites and most offer free downloaded trials of software products.

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